VIP Weekend and Black Friday Hauls

Things got a bit out of hand recently! When I first heard the VIP double point weekend and Charles Dickens promo I allocated maximum budget I could afford to get as many as those promo sets. After Black Friday weekend I ended up with 4 of them (1 still on its way along with Gingerbread House and Elf Club House).

In addition to that I got 2 of the teal buildable brick sets which I’m not planning to build at all as I’m not a fan of those. The only reason they are worth something is that they are made to be rare, not because there is nothing special and beatiful about the set.

So here are the sets I got from LEGO:

I got a few good deals from Amazon too. Family Caravan was £50 instead of £75 so I jumped on that deal!

Also excited about 25% discount on Robot Inventor set so another one too. Because you can never have enough robots!

And most excited about Ewok Village which I got from eBay. I paid a lot more than its retail price but I’m planning to build it as it looks amazing.

And some small sets from BrickLink:

No More Sets in 2020!

I still have an AT-AT, Mos Eisley Cantina, Gingerbread House, Elf Club house on their way. I think I’m good in terms of buying sets until late 2021. I may consider buying the new 2021 sets if there’s a good reason (double VIP etc) but anything short of that I’m going to sit back and just enjoy the sets I already bought.