LEGO Magazines

Collecting sets is fine but to get fully immersed in the LEGO universe I think it makes sense to keep an eye on the news and information on LEGO as well. One traditional way for this is books and magazines. I recently subsribed to 2 magazines:

Blocks Magazine seems to be more serious with lenghty articles and information. I subsrcibed for 2 years. Just the other day got the first 2 issues. I haven’t read them yet but just by looking through the content you can tell it’s targeting AFOLs.

LEGO Explorer This is a newer magazine and they have just released their Issue #2. They come with a small polybag and mostly have articles targeting a much younger audience. I think I’ll just give it a quick read and keep the polybags sealed and treat them as collectibles. Let’s see if they gain value over time.

I was also thinking about subscribing to the LEGO Star Wars magazine because of the polybags but the content is clearly for little chidlren I couldn’t justify it. Maybe later but for the time being I’ll focus on these two magazines.