Star Wars Keychain Haul

This is a post to document my recent purchases and some GWP (Gift with Purchase). Mainly I bought a bunch of stuff because of the Han Solo keychain promo over £100 Star Wars purchases. I also got 2 more Mindstorms Mini sets and 2 Hidden Side polybags. I was holding off Razor Crest and Death Star Final Duel but with these promos I couldn’t resist.

In addition to LEGO online order, I placed an order on eBay for an old Ideas set: Old Fishing Store (21310). I didn’t know it existed but instantly fell in love with the set and ordered. Its retail price was £140 and I paid £270 so nearly double. Hopefully it will be worth it after the build.

Another set I was planning to buy for some time is Snowtrooper Battle Pack (8084)

Another interesting find is a LEGO book that comes with a few pieces and 2 minifigs. It’s called Hospital Heist by Scholastic.

I got a Star Wars sketch of First Order Stormtrooper as well.

Normally I don’t buy too much stuff from the sequels but this one is generic enough to pass.

Also used some store credits and got these LEGO miscellanous sets for next to nothing:

I’m planning to wait for deals from now on for quite a while before I buy more stuff but I figured these sets almost never go on sale.

Let’s see how long I will be able to resist the urge!