Robot Inventor and SPIKE Prime First Tests

In the last post, I published photos of my latest news which includes Robot Inventor (51515) and SPIKE Prime (45678). They are similar in the sense that they come with the same programmable brick.

SPIKE Prime and Expansion Set

I bought the expansion set because of this simple principle: In for a penny in for a pound! I had alerady spent too much money anyway so what’s another £110 between me and LEGO!

Anyway, it came with lots of pieces but only 1 sensor and 1 motor so probably wasn’t a great purchase after all.

When you unbox SPIKE Prime, you don’t get a instruction booklet. There’s only a link that you’re supposed to visit to get started:

This is a step by step guide that shows you how to install the required software which is an iPadOS in my case called LEGO Education SPIKE. The app runs you through a tutorial thats shows how to build a program and deploy to the hub.

Before that it asked me to update Hub OS though which requires connecting the hub to a computer. It requires a software download on the computer to carry out the first update as the first update cannot be done via Bluetooth apparently.

After that I created a project and connected the motors and sensors and I was able to get some response and confirm they are working.

Robot Inventor

Robot inventor set doesn’t come with paper instructions either.

It is a similar set to SPIKE Prime but comes with different motors and sensors.

In the booklet, it suggested you go to this address to check your device: which contains links to download the app.

I downloaded both iPadOS and macOS versions from the corresponding App Stores.

Similar to SPIKE Prime, I connected the hub via USB and got this message:

I’ll try developing programs in Python later. Just to see everything is working fine I connected the motors and sensors:


I found Bluetooth connection is a bit slow but it seems to work fine after it’s connected.

Having the ability to program in Python is great. It’s in beta mode now but I will give it a go anyway.

Now that I was able to see them in action, I will start building the robots that can be built by Robot Inventor and take it from there…