Sorting Bulk LEGO

After realizing I was going to need lots and lots of pieces to build something with even medium size I started to buy bulk LEGO lots on eBay. In hindsight I now realize I overdid it! I bought about 160KG bulk LEGO and it took me ages to sort them.

Lessons Learned

Sorting Process

After sorting 160KG bulk LEGO, I think I can formulate my (ideal) process as follows:

Round #1

Round #2

Separate the parts: Most bulk LEGO comes with lots of pieces attached to others. If I like a build and decide to keep it hoping that I will complete it in the future or just to identify the set, I keep it as is (as mentioned in round #1). Any other pieces attached together should be separated down to individual parts. In my experience it’s taking a long time just to separate these partial builds.

Round #3

Separate the parts in these main categories:

I did have more buckets than these when I sorted but I guess if I started over I would have done one full round on only these items. These take the majority of the entire bulk anyway.

Round #4

Even though this gadget is not very accurate it does help. I suggest do one round on the largest size. This way you always deal with similar sized items. Then go to middle tier and the smallest one.


Here are some before pictures:

And some after pictures:

I know the after photos don’t look very impressive because I need to do some subsorting by element type as well and add to the inventory. But I’ll relax and do that over time. At least I was able to reclaim the space. It was getting quite depressing that my entire home was covered with bins and storage trays and I had no living space left.