This post is about a few ideas and observations since I started LEGO hobby.

Getting Started

LEGO is so versatile that there is not a single recipe to get started. Here’s a list of what I observed people do with their LEGO hobbies:

Builder path

LEGO Harley Davidson

Collector path

My LEGO keyring collection

My sealed LEGO sets

Investor path

These paths are not mutually exclusive though. It’s very likely a collector might as well start selling some of the items for profit or to buy more LEGO.

My main goal with this hobby is to build my own MOCs and combine them with lights and electronics to add motion and bring more life to the models I build.

The easiest way to get started is to simply go to and buy some sets. Start small and cheap. Pick a theme that you are interested in (Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Ninjago, Minecraft etc) and pick a set you fancy. After you build it you’ll know if this hobby is for you or not. If not then it’s perfectly fine because you haven’t buried a lot of money. If yes, then you’re about to embark a long and fun journey!

Sourcing the materials

If you intend to create your own models it becomes tricky because you now have to buy individual bricks and pieces. There are a few ways of doing this:

About 10KG LEGO waiting to be sorted


This post is just a few observations and opinions about how to get started and how to expand going forward. Hope it helps to give a broad overview for beginners like me.